Manhajj Umrah Mobile Apps

The Manhajj Mobile App is better than ever

Take our mobile app wherever you go, and start planning your umrah with us wherever you are. Our improved mobile app is equipped with a faster and smoother interface. Searching, booking and managing your flights or package can be done directly from any Android or iOS devices. 

Check out what our mobile app has to offer :

Search and book package

Be the first to grab deals on manhajj umrah package. Search, book package and register umrah directly from Manhajj apps.

Panic button

Panic button connecting between user and mutawwif in case of emergency during performing umrah in Makkah and Madinah.


Attractive various information provided in e-Library regarding performing umrah including e-sirah, interesting facts and ‘kalam’ Manhajj.

Umrah checklist and task & rewards

Checklist included in my umrah diary is a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered, used as a reminder helps user to performing umrah in a better experience. 

Umrah course

What are the pillars of umrah? Now you can learn how to perform umrah through manhajj app’s umrah course. Complete your umrah course without leaving the apps.

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Manhajj Application

About Manhajj application

Your umrah destinations are now at your fingertips. Manhajj App is build for people to discover the convenience of our new and improve mobile app as the Future Way of Umrah. Manhajj App makes it easier for you to book umrah package and explore more while on the go. You will can get in touch with your whole trip to Makkah and Madinah. By booking on the app, you can view your checklist and receive instant trip updates such as travel reminders and other informations.

Objective of the application

To provide simplest and easy platform to the community towards ibadah especially in performing umrah.
To give a better experience towards the community in performing umrah.
To produce awareness and educate the community regarding umrah efficiently.
To bring newest technology into the community in planning performing umrah.
To connect the community to the platform in excitement ways.

How to get the application?

“Manhajj Apps” can be downloaded for free on Google Playstore or Apps Store. Get all the features in Manhajj Apps Now!

System updated

User friendly




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